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Retirement Plans MetLife Dhan Samriddhi Plan
We know you work hard to earn money and secure your future. Our MetLife Dhan Samriddhi Plan offers multiple choices for investing your savings along with insurance cover with potential to earn loyalty additions on maturity to maximize the return on your investments.


  • MetLife Dhan Samriddhi Plan ensures
    1. Convenience of one-time payment.
    2. Loyalty Additions *.
    3. PNB MetLife has delivered consistent returns on the funds .
    4. Tax benefits on investments and returns.*
Ages at entry (LBD)* 8 - 65 Years
Policy Term 10 Years
Minimum Single Premium Rs. 2 Lakhs
Maximum Single Premium No Limit, Subject to underwriting conditions
Sum Assured Multiple Option to choose 10 or 1.25 times the single premium (Only 1.25 times for above 40 years of age)
Premium Payment Mode Single