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Wealth Plans MetLife Monthly Income Plan – 10 Pay
A participating plan which guarantees a monthly regular income for you and your family, even when you are not there, for 15 years or till end of the policy term. Moreover you choose the monthly income that you want and we guarantee you that amount.


  • MetLife Monthly Income Plan – 10 Pay ensures
  • Receive monthly income for 15 years with a 10-year premium plan.
  • Yearly bonus , if any, payout enhances value of your plan.
  • Tax-Free income and bonus , if any.
  • Financial protection for you and your loved ones.
Premium Payment Term/Policy Term 10 years
Min/Max Age at entry* 18-55 years
18-55 years
65 years
Monthly Income Duration 180 Months(15 Years)
Min. Monthly Income Rs.1,500
Max. Monthly Income Rs. 100,000