Life Insurance Products

Product Information
Child Plans Max Life Future Genius Education Plan
A Non-Linked Participating Savings Insurance Plan


  • Financial security
  • Guaranteed moneybacks
  • Flexibility to invest depending on child's graduation needs
  • Bonus options
  • Tax Benefits


  • Death Benefit - Payable immediately at the time of death of the Life Insured.
  • Maturity Benefit - Amount payable at the end of the policy term.
  • Customize a plan suited for your child with the premium, Sum Assured and the plan option of your choice.
  • Paid Up Additions (PUA) Withdrawal Option - The Policyholder can take the Surrender Value of the accrued PUA (partially or in full).
  • Discounting and Deferment Options- With an aim to match your child’s education needs, the policy offers you the flexibility to discount and/or defer the Moneyback payments.
  • Moneyback Option - Four Moneybacks each totaling to 25% of Sum Assured is payable in the last 4 policy years.
Minimum entry age   : 21 years
Maximum entry age  : 45 years
Maximum Maturity Age  : 66 years