Life Insurance Products

Product Information
Child Plans Max Life Shiksha Plus Super
A non-participating Unit-linked Insurance Plan


  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Policy term options
  • 5 fund options
  • Strategies to secure your investment
  • Guaranteed loyalty additions
  • Tax benefits


  • Death Benefit- In case of death of the person insured anytime during the Policy Term, the nominee will receive Death Benefit
  • Maturity Benefit- Amount payable at the end of the policy term
  • Guaranteed Loyalty Additions- 0.20% of Fund Value shall be added to the Fund by the creation of additional Units, at the end of every Policy Year starting from 11th Policy Year
  • Tax Benefits- You can get certain tax deductions on your premiums and on proceeds under the policy benefits
Entry Age (Age as on last birthday): 21 to 50 years
Maximum Maturity Age (Age as on last birthday): For 5 Pay – 60 years
For Regular Pay - 65 Years