Life Insurance Products

Product Information
Saving And Investment Plans Max Life Guaranteed Income Plan
A savings plan with guaranteed income which grows with time


  • Guaranteed Income for 10 years that doubles after 5 years
  • Immediate payout after policy term with no waiting period
  • Guaranteed death benefit with option to get benefit as lumpsum or monthly income


  • Survival / Maturity Benefit - On completion of Policy Term/Premium Payment Term, you will get a Terminal Benefit and start getting guaranteed monthly income for 10 years
  • Death Benefit - On death during the policy term, the nominee will receive a guaranteed lumpsum payout with an option to convert it into monthly income for 10 years
  • Commutation / Surrender Option -You can surrender your policy anytime after it has acquired a surrender value
  • Tax Benefits- You can get certain tax deductions on your premiums and on proceeds under the policy benefits
Premium Payment Term 6 years or 12 years (same as the policy term)
Age at entry
(Age at last birthday)
25-60 years;  25-55 years
Maximum Maturity Age
(Age at last birthday)
66 years; 67 years